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Shift Price Forecast & Prediction

Positive News

    • Shift is called as an Utility coin.
    • Shift Token can be used for hosting services.


Negative News

  • No negative events so far.
Coin Name Price Change % Change Volume 24H

Should I Buy Shift Token Now?

When coming to Investment, Everyone thinks that Should I invest with Shift coin (SHIFT) Cryptocurrency. Based on the reviews, live charts, and historical data, our team of specialists has predicted the future value forecast for Shift coin. If you are the one who is looking for a crypto coin which yields you good return as profit, Surely Shift is the right one.

Short-Term Long-Term
 $2.01 –$3.88 $9.731 – $10.355

Shift Token Technical Analysis Projection


Shift Future Value Price Prediction 2018 2019 & 2020

We have predicted the future value of the Shift and the forecasted values are given below for your reference. Those values are just predictions and may slightly differ according to the happenings in the crypto world.

Quarter/Year Min and Max Range
Q1 2019 $3.485 – $3.492
Q2 2019 $3.476 – $3.501
Q3 2019 $3.505 – $3.522
Q4 2019 $3.519 – $3.591
Q1 2020 N/A
Q2 2020 N/A
Q3 2020 N/A
Q4 2020 N/A

Shift Price Prediction 2018

  • The current price of the coin is exactly $2.025 now.
  • Shift coin is a good long-term investment.
  • A very good gain up to 34.33% in a year and 178.18% in 5 years.
  • As per prediction, SHIFT  shows gradual growth both for short-term and long-term.
  • It is also a good option for long-term investment.

Shift Price Prediction 2019

  • It is expected that there is 200% price growth in a year.
  • And no chance for the price falls or drop till we predicted.

What will be the price of SHIFT in 2020?

  • There is no recent chance for price fall.

Best Shift Exchange to Trade – How & Where to Buy SHIFT Coin?

How to Invest in SHIFT?

To buy the Shift  coin, you have to buy major cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETC, etc from the exchange. You can use your bank account to buy bitcoin and transfer the bitcoin to any other exchanges mentioned below to buy  SHIFT.

After the purchase, you can store the SHIFT in the various wallets which supports SHIFT coin. Desktop wallets, mobile wallets, and web wallets are available.

Shift Token Supply

Shift coins are fully compatible with ERC-20 tokens which are distributed on the Ethereum blockchain in accordance to a related ERC-20 smart contract (the “SHIFT Tokens”).

 Max Supply: N/A 
 Circulating Supply: 12,084,580 SHIFT 

Best SHIFT Exchanges

Here, to help you we have listed some of the trusted exchanges below.


Location + Currency


Visit Website

Buy with


Shanghai, China
370+ crypto pairs

+ Cardano + Nem


Prague, Czech Rep.
35+ crypto pairs

+ Credit card


Hong Kong
205+ crypto pairs

+ Ethereum


London, UK

+ bank transf.
+ card
+ paypal
+ webmoney


Mahe, Seychelles 15+ crypto pairs

+ Visa card + Mastercard


Dorset Street, London USD



Finland 250+ Cryptocurrency



Las Vegas, NV 190+ cryptocurrencies



London, UK
All Fiat

Card + bank transfer


Delaware, USA
175+ crypto pairs



SHIFT Forecast FAQ

What is the price of Shift today?
$2.01 USD
Will SHIFT price rise / goes down?
Yes. The SHIFT price can goes up in future from$2.045 USD to $3.847 USD in one year.
Is it good to invest in SHIFT?
Yes, It is a  good idea for the long-term earning platform.
Will SHIFT price fall / drop?
What will ShiftT worth in five years (2022)?
SHIFT  future price will be around $10.25 USD.
Will SHIFT replace / surpass / overtake Bitcoin?
According to our predictions, this won’t happen in the future.
Will SHIFT crash?
According to our analysis, this will not happen.

Is Shift Token a Good Investment?

As for today’s situation, Shift Token’s price according to the market cap is just $2.014 USD. So, investing with Shift coin (SHIFT) is always a safe way because of its low price value.


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