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Reddcoin Price Forecast & Prediction 2018 to 2020

Reddcoin is an architecture of a decentralized system for social payment and services. It is a social currency, which makes digital currency easy for the public. The project achieves this through integrating a digital currency platform.

Reddcoin is the future of social media.  

Here, we are going to look deeply about the most popluar digital curreny in cryptocurrency market, called RDD (Reddcoin).

Positive News

  • RDD featured on Jalapeño platform for May launch.
  • Webpage for tracking network metrics ( on June 30.
  • Reddcoin REDD ID will be released on 31st March 2018.
  • Integrated Wallet will be released on June 30, 2018.
  • Reddcoin recorded a global expansion by increasing the coin’s network coverage

Negative News

  • From the end of February 2018, the coin price value drop of 7.5% according to coinmarketcap. But, it is hoping to get back on track

Coin Name Price Change % Change Volume 24H

Should I Buy Reddcoin Now?

The technology and idea behind the Reddcoin project are somehow great, but it would require getting mass adoption to become a big thing. The coin is focusing on social tipping system and it is an upgraded version of Dogecoin.

The REddcoin is at the top 100 cryptocurrencies right now, but it is mounting a challenge to become the #1 social coins. So, the coin has been trading around $0.00556 USD. Therefore our opinion is if you are not looking for instantaneous returns, then Reddcoin will be good to buy.

Short-Term Long-Term
 $0.0077- $0.00912  $0.00988 – $0.175

Reddcoin Technical Analysis Projection

Reddcoin (RDD) Future Value Price Prediction 2018 2019 & 2020

It is very tough to predict the future forecast of Reddcoin. The price of Reddcoin still easily double or triple if the community grows a lot and hypes the coin.

Keep in mind, that the attempt of providing a short-term or long-term price prediction of Reddcoin is a strenuous thing. Below you may find the price prediction of Reddcoin for 2019 and 2020.

Quarter/Year Min and Max Range
Q1 2019 $0.00797771–$0.00944046
Q2 2019 $0.0044157–$0.00674876
Q3 2019 $0.00367441–$0.00659836
Q4 2019 $0.0238521–$0.0464718
Q1 2020 $0.0693384–$0.0162425
Q2 2020 $0.0516529–$0.0790942
Q3 2020 $0.0355043–$0.0774948
Q4 2020 $0.035636–$0.0174609

Reddcoin Price Prediction 2018

  • Yesterday’s trading session closed with $0.007303
  • The growth of the reddcoin is somewhat going down for the past few days, because of bitcoin’s sudden crash

Reddcoin Future Value 2019

  • Reddcoin has been highly undervalued for quite some days
  • It is forecasted to cross $0.1 USD in next 6 month
  • There is no chance to reach $1 after 1 year or 5 years

What will be the price of Reddcoin in 2020?

  • The RDD price value will be expected for some recover in the coming years.
  • At the end of the year 2020, the RDD future rice will be $0.016517.
  • The below live chart and the historical data helps us to predict the reddcoin forecast and price prognosis for next months and years

Best Reddcoin Exchange to Trade – How & Where to Buy RDD Coin?

The digital currency exchange platform lets investors and beginners buy, sell or trade any digital currencies. RDD coin can be exchanged without any hurdle.

For your information, Reddcoin can be traded for fiat or BTC at various of Exchange platforms.

How to Buy Reddcoin?

Here is the guide for beginners on how to purchase Reddcoin, follow it:

  • Use BTC or fiat currency you want to exchange
  • Choose the suitable exchange to convert your bitcoin to Reddcoin
  • Give your RDD wallet address, where you will receive your Reddcoin after the order completes
  • You have to send BTC from your wallet to that address
  • Once the exchange will receive your BTC, then it will begin the RDD conversion
  • You can check your Reddcoin wallet after the completion of the transaction

Best Reddcoin Exchanges

Here we provide the list of ReddCoin exchanges that are currently live.


Location + Currency


Visit Website

Buy with


Shanghai, China
370+ crypto pairs

+ Cardano + Nem


Prague, Czech Rep.
35+ crypto pairs

+ Credit card


Hong Kong
205+ crypto pairs

+ Ethereum


London, UK

+ bank transf.
+ card
+ paypal
+ webmoney


Mahe, Seychelles 15+ crypto pairs

+ Visa card + Mastercard


Dorset Street, London USD



Finland 250+ Cryptocurrency



Las Vegas, NV 190+ cryptocurrencies



London, UK
All Fiat

Card + bank transfer


Delaware, USA
175+ crypto pairs



Why Buy ReddCoin?

Here are some important factors which make you buy  Reddcoin.RDD holds 86th position under the top hundred cryptocurrency list according to Coinmarketcap.

When it comes to price, Reddcoin beats all the topmost cryptocurrencies. One RDD equals $0.0075 USD. As the price of Reddcoin is too low, every investor and coin buyers will buy lots of Reddcoin.

ReddCoin tipping is the process Reddcointip bot allows Redditors to gift (tip)RDD coins to each other as a way of saying thanks. In order to tip others, you have to register and create an account with reddcoin and deposit some coins into deposit addresses. Finally, you can withdraw your reddcoin or send it to other reddcoin investors.

Reddcoin (RDD) has planned to announce the deployment of debit cards very soon, and also it will hits $1 USD within the end of 2018.

Reddcoin Coin Supply

 Market Cap: $216,386,279 USD   
 Total Supply: 27Billion. 
 Circulating Supply: 28,755,269,577 RDD  

Reddcoin Forecast FAQ

How much will the Reddcoin price grow in 2019?
According to the previous price analysis, the reddcoin will be in the range between $0.00303428 and $0.0159353

Is it worth buying?
Not sure, but will be good for short-term investment

Will Reddcoin price reach $1 USD in 2020?
No, it is not possible

Is Reddcoin a Good Investment?

Do you worry about investing in cryptocurrency which yields you high profit in return? Most of the investors, surf the whole net searching for a positive review for their preferred cryptocurrency.

Reddcoin is a social currency that helps peoples social life enriched and also makes digital currencies easy for the general public.

Reddcoin is also one of the most economical Altcoins in the market, also known as “Social Currency”. Unlike many other currencies, it is zealous to knocking over on social networks as a way to bring cryptocurrency perception and experience to the public.

This RDD coin unified the digital currency platform with all extensive social networks to build the progress of sending and receiving money for everyone with any tumult.

is reddcoin good investment

Here we have dug into a cryptocurrency and it is ReddCoin. Reddcoin holds under top 100 of the cryptocurrency chart list by coinmarketcap. And on the other hand, it also performs well right from the start of this year. Reddcoin is the best option for long-term investment.

  • Zero transaction fees for sending and receiving money.
  • Blockchain platform let the transaction complete quicker
  • Reddcoin is the peer to peer technology that provides safer transactions.
  • Best for long-term investment.

From the past year, Cryptocurrencies has garnered the investors’ attention, especially after the surge of Bitcoin and Ethereum. Likewise, you may come across many crypto coins and here we are going to predict the future price value of Reddcoin.

Technology Overview

Reddcoin platform introduced a new algorithm to verify transactions and create blocks. How Reddcoin defers form other currencies? The biggest uniqueness is that Reddcoin uses Proof of Stake instead of Proof of Work as its staking protocol.

Instead of the partnership, it has been using chrome extension for integration with the social media platform. This innovative algorithm encourages both ownership (Stake) and activity (Velocity). It solves the problem in PoW and PoS algorithm and removes unwanted consumption of electricity for mining.

Reddcoin decentralized platform permits users to send and receive money to anyone with zero transaction fees on social networks.

Redd Id is a revolutionary concept in cryptocurrency. Making your address very simple for you, which makes identify yourself with your address is new in the payment industry.

Future Plans & Partnerships

Reddcoin (RDD)  is the social currency that enriches the life of the ordinary people by enabling digital currency.

Reddcoin price will be forecasted by its supply and demand. If RDD coin demand increases, its price value will increase. If Reddcoin demand decreases, its value will decrease. So, when more social networks integrate Reddscoin, then the demand for RDD coin will increase.

For Reddcoin holders, here is the updated 2017 – 2018 Reddcoin roadmap. The roadmap will show what the core teams are working on right now and what their future plans are.

As of now, the one-quarter roadmap of 2018 is mobile staking. Through this, the RDD coin holders can earn 5% income with just their smartphone.

The team has been working more regarding roadmap, which will be published as soon as possible.

In the roadmap, you can expect,

  • Redd-ID and social tippling with beta testing beginning soon
  • Mobile wallet permitting the simple function at the time of launch and complex ones till the end of the year 2018

Reddcoin vs Competitors

However, the most promising competitor for Reddcoin is Gifto.

Reddcoin in Social Media

As we know Reddcoin has a social media feature and now you can transfer money from any social media account to another. It helps you to make more comfortable in money transferring and you can save your precious time too. If you are accessing your twitter account and you need to transfer money then you can transfer it from your twitter account without switching the window.

And also you make content for social media and rewarded for your valuable content. Since the Reddcoin has those super features it’s price is increasing day by day.

  1. Rozario says

    I am planning to invest my 15% portfolio into reddcoin. is RDD a good investment now ?
    Looking for your suggestion.

  2. Kendrick lame says

    Seriously it is not the right time to invest with RDD. Current value of RDD is dropping down everyday. Don’t go with Reddcoin.

  3. Dermas says

    Reddcoin is a very interesting cryptocurrency, where am the holder too! Thanks

  4. Jamio says

    I thought it is the right time to buy reddcoin, where it will rise to the moon in a short while definitely.

  5. Redd Holder says

    Reddcoin isn’t on Binance

    1. admin says

      You can try on Bittrex exchange for trading reddcoin

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