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Odyssey Price Forecast & Prediction 2018 to 2020

Odyssey platform is the future of decentralized sharing economy and also the foundation of global peer to peer Ecosystem. Odyssey platform is built with the team of professional members who has great experience in building this platform. Its mission is to build the next generation decentralized sharing economy and also peer to peer ecosystem.

It provides you a zero cost transaction and also aims to reduce the operating cost, increase marketplace efficiency, and boost ROI products and services that are in the Global sharing economy.

Positive News

  • Odyssey makes a wonderful partnership with oBike Global Bike Sharing platform.
  • Odyssey (OCN) price reaches $0.010 in the cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • Odyssey has already announced  its candidacy for the Tron Super Representative election to be  held in June 26, 2018

Negative News

  • No negative events so far.

Should I Buy Odyssey Now?

Investing in Odyssey platform is not a good decision as its price is going to fall as per prediction. It is expected that the coin will meet crash in future.

Short-Term Long-Term
$0.0175 – $0.0190 $0.0879

Odyssey (OCN) Future Value Price Prediction 2018 2019 & 2020

In this section, we present you the predicted prices of the coin for the upcoming years 2019 and 2020 in a quarterly manner. As the coin is going to be crash we cant predict the coin accurately.

Quarter/Year Min and Max Range
Q1 2019 N/A
Q2 2019 N/A
Q3 2019 N/A
Q4 2019 N/A
Q1 2020 N/A
Q2 2020 N/A
Q3 2020 N/A
Q4 2020 N/A

Best Odyssey Exchange to Trade – How & Where to Buy OCN Coin?

How to Invest in Odyssey?

You can buy Odyssey coins by following these steps.

  1. Buy major cryptocurrencies BTC or ETH from Coinbase.
  2. Transfer it to the exchange you want to buy the OCN coin.
  3. Deposit BTC or ETH coin and purchase OCN coin.

Best Odyssey Exchanges

Here, to help you we have listed some of the trusted exchanges below.


Location + Currency


Visit Website

Buy with


Shanghai, China
370+ crypto pairs

+ Cardano + Nem


Prague, Czech Rep.
35+ crypto pairs

+ Credit card


Hong Kong
205+ crypto pairs

+ Ethereum


London, UK

+ bank transf.
+ card
+ paypal
+ webmoney


Mahe, Seychelles 15+ crypto pairs

+ Visa card + Mastercard


Dorset Street, London USD



Finland 250+ Cryptocurrency



Las Vegas, NV 190+ cryptocurrencies



London, UK
All Fiat

Card + bank transfer


Delaware, USA
175+ crypto pairs



Odyssey Forecast FAQ

Will Odyssey price fall?
No, there is no chance for it.

Will Odyssey price value grow up in 2020?
No, as per Odyssey price prediction, the price will not grow up.

Is it safe to invest into Odyssey?
No, it is a very bad investment.

Will Odyssey overtake Bitcoin?
No, it won’t happen in future

Is Odyssey a Good Investment?

It is not a good investment opportunity as the price will meet drop, fall or crash. If you invest in the platform your token may be worthless in future.

Future Plans & Partnerships

Bike, aws, IBM, TRON, Swift WiFi, TECHNASIA, ST, CHANNEL NEWSASIA and Business Insider are media and partners of Odyssey network.

Odyssey vs Competitors

  • Tron
  1. Jeffrey Pomar says

    It’s Jeffrey from Yorkshire. Odyssey is the best. You can try OCN for long term profit return. Don’t fall of other scam cryptos

  2. Evangelin Rose says

    Is this platform suitable for short-term investment?

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