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Cardano Coin Price Forecast & Prediction 2018 to 2020

Everybody knows that the Cryptocurrencies are changing the world in real-time. Today, digital currency and crypto coins are the trending and still emerging information in the market.

Today, another coin made major market moves, which is called ADA coin.

Cardano is a blockchain-based platform, which conducts financial transactions anonymously without the interference of a third party. All the transactions are done on the Cardano platform using it cryptocurrency Ada. Cardano is the decentralized cryptocurrency platform, which has been launched in 2007.

ADA is the cryptocurrency coin of Cardano community, which is fully open-source project and it is the first program of blockchain technology. Sometimes, it is called as “Ethereum of Japan”, why because 95% of the participants in the ADA ICO were Japanese. To use Ada you have to download the wallet, Daedalus that will be very secure wallet to store your coins.

Positive News

  • Get ready to the CARDANO LONDON Meetup that has been scheduled on  April 25th at 6.30pm
  • Crypto ICO Summit 2018 in Zurich on 27th and 28th March, Charles Hoskinson will be a speaker
  • Being the 7th largest cryptocurrency in market cap, Cardano will become a better EOS in the future
  • Cardano’s main goal is to beat both BTC and ETH in the market
  • Gogeun Testnet Launch – A IELE testnet will be launched around April.
  • Cardano Roadmap Update – Cardano ADA platform will be updating its Roadmap on April 5th of 2018.
  • Cardano ADA Ledger Wallet – Cardano will soon be added to Ledger Wallet storage devices within June 2018.

Negative News

  • No negative events so far
Coin Name Price Change % Change Volume 24H

Reason behind why Cardano (ADA) Blockchain being Unique

We all may have surprised about the factor why CARDANO always remained unique blockchain among all the cryptocurrency. Here are some factors that make CARDANO (ADA)  unique are given below

  • Daedalus Wallet
  • Haskell Programming language
  • Worldwide Cardano Community

Cardano Updated Events

Now Cardano (ADA) partners with Metaps which is the topmost payment platforms in South Korea. With this partnership, Cardano can now be used in over 33,000 offline Franchise stores.

The CEO of Emurgo has said that this partnership between Metaps Plus and Cardano will allow ADA coin to expand more rapidly as an all-new way for the payment process in the South Korean Market.

Should I Buy Cardano Now?

Cardano is the good and long-term investment platform. You can ask, Is Cardano worth buying? Of course, there are many developers and experienced persons and teams are working on it. When compared to other coins in the market, Cardano has a brighter future.

Now, people are thinking how it happens? The reason is it is Ethereum of Japanese, which means the number of investors for this program from Japan.

Short-Term Long-Term
$0.289 – $0.349 USD $0.402 – $0.617 USD

Cardano Technical Analysis Projection

cardano price analysis

Cardano (ADA) Future Value Price Prediction 2018 2019 & 2020

Cardano is one of the first blockchains built in highly secure. Predicting the future price value of Cardano cryptocurrency is somewhat complicated. With so many Cardano price technical analyses, we come up with the approximate price for the next year 2018 and next 5 years 2022.

After IOTA and Ripple, Cardano blows up with the steady growth value from the last 2 weeks. Now Cardano Ada shows the growth percentage of 100% and reaches hits peek with $0.6051 USD. This coin price hike takes the Cardano to the 6th position on the highest crypto market by trouncing IOTA and Dash.

Quarter/Year Min and Max Range
Q1 2019 $0.341–$0.349
Q2 2019 $0.352–$0.358
Q3 2019 $0.359–$0.375
Q4 2019 $0.379–$0.396
Q1 2020 $0.395–$0.399
Q2 2020 $0.3906–$0.404
Q3 2020 $0.405–$0.411
Q4 2020 $0.416–$0.427

Cardano Price Prediction 2018

  • Coming to the Cardano price prediction for 2018, it has been predicting with the simple calculation of Cardano price analysis of per hour, per day, per week and per month reports.
  • The market cap of Cardano cryptocurrency is nearly $18 billion
  • As per every day and month Cardano price prediction, the rate of Ada coin is expecting to cross $1 USD in the next year.

Cardano Price Prediction 2019

In the year of 2019, Cardano may become wide but it is also not so easy or quickly. Therefore, after a year from now, the price value of ADA will be raised with a big ratio. From this, we can estimate the forecast for the 2019 year the Cardano price value will be increased by 100% more than the present year.

  • The Price Prediction of Cardano Ada coin for 2019 will be full of surprise price ranging from $0.789218 to $1.28099.
  • The one-year forecast for Cardano (ADA) coin is $2.5 USD, which means a rise of 6 times in a year
  • At the moment of writing, the major growth came from this past 2 weeks, so what we expect that the ADA token value will keep on rising in the upcoming years.

What will be the price of Cardano in 2020?

Cardano has the ability to process a maximum number of transactions quickly, which promises good scalability. This Project not only supports ADA coin, but also other cryptocurrencies on its blockchain.

  • The price of Cardano will hit its milestone with short less to $5 USD price with the stable rate of growth.
  • According to the number of investors, it will cross over $5 USD all-time high in the year 2020.
  • The Cardano price prediction for 5 years are forecasted at $10.

After 2 years, Cardano will have a primary choice for currency exchange. According to the Cardano price prediction history, Ada will automatically boost with double of previous year growth rate. There is no doubt that the Cardano will definitely give a tough competition to Litecoin, Ripple and other top cryptocurrencies.

Best Cardano Exchange to Trade – How & Where to Buy Ada Coin?

Through digital currency exchanges, investors can buy, sell or trade Ada coin without any hassle.

How to Invest in Cardano?

Cardano is the home to Ada cryptocurrency, which is used to send and receive digital funds. Buying Cardano is easy, but before that, you have to follow some instructions to begin. To buy Cardano, you have to buy either Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum and then invest in Cardano.

  1. Just choose one of the exchanges platforms from below and start depositing your fiat currency to buy BTC or ETH.
  2. Once you bought, you have to convert BTC or whatever your buy to ADA on that exchange.
  3. After the completion of the process, you will get your Ada coins in your wallet.

Best Cardano Exchanges

Here, to help you we have listed some of the trusted exchanges below.


Location + Currency


Visit Website

Buy with


Shanghai, China
370+ crypto pairs

+ Cardano + Nem


Prague, Czech Rep.
35+ crypto pairs

+ Credit card


Hong Kong
205+ crypto pairs

+ Ethereum


London, UK

+ bank transf.
+ card
+ paypal
+ webmoney


Mahe, Seychelles 15+ crypto pairs

+ Visa card + Mastercard


Dorset Street, London USD



Finland 250+ Cryptocurrency



Las Vegas, NV 190+ cryptocurrencies



London, UK
All Fiat

Card + bank transfer


Delaware, USA
175+ crypto pairs



Cardano Forecast FAQ

Will Cardano price fall?
No, there is no chance for it

Will Cardano price value grow up in 2020?
Of course, as per Cardano price prediction, the price will go up from $0.4 USD to $5.5 USD

Is it safe to invest into Cardano?
Yes, it is awesome for long-term investment

Will Cardano overtake Bitcoin?
No, it won’t happen in future

Is Cardano a Good Investment?

If you are really looking for a good investment, then we prefer you to go with Cardano. Today, Cardano price forecasting is predicted to shoot up by 1600% and more. But, the ADA coin is not a blue-chip digital currency, where it may face some sudden fluctuations according to volume changes.

cardano price prediction

Cardano coin integrated with the major and leading cryptocurrencies without any third-party involvement. Ada coin aims to,

  • Reduce the exchange fee charges
  • Quicker transactions across the blockchain
  • Removes the risk of third-party losing your currency

Technology Overview

Cardano, it is not just a cryptocurrency but it is a technological platform. This project is a single and centralized application that handles all your financial needs. It is the completely open source and patent-free project.

Bitcoin is the first generation of cryptocurrency, and Ethereum was the second generation of blockchain technology. All these generations came with some issues like limited transactions and more. The next generation has to identify the drawbacks and constraints of previous projects.

Cardano has developed accordingly and it is the third generation blockchain.

Cardano uses a new kind of algorithm Proof-of-Stake, called Ouroboros. The platform uses the smart contract technology and seeks to bring levels of scalability, interoperability, and sustainability into the blockchain.

Rather than having a copy of every blockchain on each node, Cardano’s blockchain streamlines the number of nodes in a network. Cardano desires to empower cross-chain transfer via side chains, which conduct transactions among 2 parties OFF chain.

Future Plans & Partnerships

Cardano project has been supported by 3 entities, where all serving different purposes within the ecosystem. The platform is led by Charles Hoskinson who is the former co-founder of Ethereum and Bitshares.

First, Cardano foundation acts as a promoter, standards, and educator for the Cardano blockchain protocol and its applications. Second, the entity working on Cardano is IOHK, which holds the contract to develop the project through to 2020. Finally, the business partner Emurgo that invests in start-ups and assists commercial deal to build on the Cardano blockchain.

Cardano vs Competitors

  • Ethereum
  • Bitcoin
  • EOS

However, one of its biggest competitors is Ethereum, which is the most popular ecosystem in the cryptocurrency market. ETH has been planning to built effective proof-of-stake mining system. As long as in future, BTC is set to become more compatible with a smart contract.

Daedalus – Cardano Wallet 

Daedalus is the only and highly secure wallet designed for storing ADA coins on the network. At present, it is the only wallet, which supports Ada. In future, it plans to support other currencies like BTC, ETH and much more.

With this wallet, you can manage any number of wallets to recover your funds at any time. It will not hold your keys to ensure safety and security.

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    No, there is no chance for it (price fall – said at 40 cents – now at 22 cents).

  4. Stiegler says

    Cardano struggled to recover and now it has been trading around $0.15 to $0.18 level range. I have watched its price goes down from $0.2275 to $0.1563 in last week.

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    in the end 2019 year – 5$
    end 2020 year – 7-8$
    i’m realist but we all like to dream 🙂 and maybe we look best price every year. Better and better
    In last year i buy ETH 12$…and what we see in the end 2017year????yes! amazing price! 1400$!!! maybe we can see amazing price to ADA in the end 2018 year )

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