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BitcoinCash Price Forecast & Prediction 2018 to 2020

Bitcoin Cash is fully decentralized and peer-to-peer electronic cash. Moreover, it is the continuation of the Bitcoin project. According to the growth and usage bitcoin has stagnated. User and even investors left BTC for alternatives.

By that time BitcoinCash instantly raised the block size limit to 8MB as part of an enormous on-chain scaling approach.

Bitcoin Cash ticker symbol is BCH

Positive News

  • Bitcoin Cash is going to listed on Blockbid
  • BCH price traded lower sharply and broke $900 against the US dollar
  • Bitcoin Cash Hard fork on May15 2018.
  • BitCoinCash is now ready for Paypal Busting bustng 240 Transactions per Seconds.

Negative News

  • The cash price is likely to extend declines in the short term towards $850

Coin Name Price Change % Change Volume 24H

Bitcoin Cash Price Today

At present, BitCoin Cash is $1411.42 USD.  During the Start of this month, the price of BCH was just $663.08 USD. Right now BCH was trading at $1400 and more.  This price is double the price at the time of April 1st.The upcoming update of BCH raises the Block size limit to 32MB,which enables an average of 240 tps.(20 Million per day)

Should I Buy BitcoinCash Now?

Bitcoin cash is p2p electronic cash, which is the fork of the Bitcoin blockchain ledger. The transaction process of BCH is somewhat faster and affordable for the users.

BitcoinCash is the top 4th coin in the list of top 10 cryptocurrencies by its market capitalization.  Though it is the part of the bitcoin ledger, it has some upgraded features and regulations.

So, it makes you feel better than Bitcoin. As the platform has good volume and it increases day by day you can invest in this coin without any doubt.

BCH was first introduced as a hard fork of BTC. Later, people come to know the uniqueness of Bitcoin Cash because of its adoption of debit card payment processors in the crypto market.

Short-Term Long-Term
 $879.63 – $916.94  Upside: $1865.32 – $1873.38

Downside: $1756.09 – $1865.32

Bitcoin Cash Technical Analysis Projection

bitcoincash price prediction

BitcoinCash (BCH) Future Value Price Prediction 2018 2019 & 2020

Quarter/Year Min and Max Range
Q1 2019 $2963.07 – $3403.34
Q2 2019 $3395.28 – $3817.7
Q3 2019 $3791.79 – $4232.07
Q4 2019 $4206.16 – $4646.43
Q1 2020 $4620.52 – $5060.79
Q2 2020 $5034.88 – $5475.16
Q3 2020 $5449.25 – $5899.73
Q4 2020 $5863.61 – $6314.09

BitcoinCash Price Prediction 2018

  • The cash value of BCH has been firmly rising over the past couple of days.
  • Bitcoin cash price is placed nearly 0.12162200 nicely against the BTC.
  • This might continue to trade higher and higher in the near term.

BitcoinCash Price Prediction 2019

  • We think there will be a good chance of BCH to reach $10,0oo by the end of 2020, maybe sooner.
  • From the previous day’s calculation, we can predict that the future price value may give good upside during the coming sessions.

What will be the price of BitcoinCash in 2020?

BitcoinCash price prediction for future will have an excellent upgrade, where the trading volume of BCH is somehow very close to other coins like bitcoin and Ethereum.

As per the past sessions, the price prediction looks glooming right now. By because we are saying this, its hourly moving average is good and rising gradually. Therefore, there are more gains are possible in bitcoin cash as long as the price is above 3k USD right now.

Best BitcoinCash Exchange to Trade – How & Where to Buy BCH Coin?

As the Year 2018, everyone has been expecting the best for cryptocurrency sector. Here, we are looking into the Bitcoin Cash future price prediction. Nobody can predict the future value of which altcoin will rise and which will fall.

Best BitcoinCash Exchanges

You have to get BitcoinCash wallet for the storing purpose an then you can purchase BCH from any exchanges listed below. After purchasing you can transfer your BCH coin in your wallet.


Location + Currency


Visit Website

Buy with


Shanghai, China
370+ crypto pairs

+ Cardano + Nem


Prague, Czech Rep.
35+ crypto pairs

+ Credit card


Hong Kong
205+ crypto pairs

+ Ethereum


London, UK

+ bank transf.
+ card
+ paypal
+ webmoney


Mahe, Seychelles 15+ crypto pairs

+ Visa card + Mastercard


Dorset Street, London USD



Finland 250+ Cryptocurrency



Las Vegas, NV 190+ cryptocurrencies



London, UK
All Fiat

Card + bank transfer


Delaware, USA
175+ crypto pairs



BitcoinCash Coin Supply

 Max Supply: 16,987,900 BCH 
 Circulating Supply: 16,987,900 BCH 

BitcoinCash Forecast FAQ

What is the price in 2018?

What will be the price in 2020?

What will be the price in 2025?

Will BCH is the good investment?
It is a very good investment option with good return.

Will the price of BCH fall or rise?
No chance of price fall.

Will BCH explode?
No chance for price explosion.

Is BitcoinCash a Good Investment?

Yes. It is a very good investment opportunity with evergreen benefit. It is expected that the coin will show the gradual upward growth and it will hit $20000 dollar in the year of 2022. Within a year the investor can gain 417.66% profit and 1731.9% profit in 5 years.

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