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Active Airdrop Alerts 2018

Basically, Airdrop means the free distribution of Cryptocurrencies. With these free distribution, anyone who is interested in cryptocurrencies can increase their crypto capital without spending any penny. You could earn free crypto tokens and store it in your wallet and then sell it anytime you wish to. Or even you can just convert them into popular Crypto coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum coin, lite coin etc.

Every time, the persons behind the cryptocurrency projects often plan to give away some percentage of their coins freely as a matter to create an awareness and to build a bond between the people. There are many free cryptocurrencies giveaways and each platform regularly gives away some free cryptocurrencies.

Airdrop NameDescriptionDurationEstimated Value
Cappasity (CAPP)1. Go to airdrop. In Telegram chat with the bot.

2. Type /start and follow the instructions!

3. Refer friends to earn more tokens!
11 Days$1 -$5
Skraps (SKRP)1. Go to airdrop page which is on Altcoins Talks forum

2. You can choose to join multiple social media tasks. Join at least 2 tasks, You don't have to complete all. Each task will earn you 10 SKRP
11 Days$1 - $5
FAN Token (FCFL)1. Go to airdrop page

1. Put your Email address, join Telegram and put your ETH address.

3. Submit airdrop form
5 Days$10 - $15
1World (1WO)1. Go to airdrop form

2. Register an account to get FREE 50 VTC tokens to vote here

3. After you register and get level 3 verification, vote for 1WO using your received FREE 50 VTC tokens in exchange to more 1WO tokens!

4. Support 1World social media and submit a screenshot of your vote to get your stake for your participation! Submit your details in airdrop form
7 Days$10 - $50
UbiatarPlay (UAC)1. Download the Eidoo wallet app on your mobile device or desktop (the desktop version will be launched in a few days) before March 22 at 11 p.m. CET

2. Login/Register your account on icoengine

3. Complete the identification until Tier 2. Read a step-by-step guide here before March 22nd at 11p.m. CET

4. Wait for May 5th for the distribution of 100 UAC (it might last a few days)
8 Days$10 - $15
TrakInvest (Trak)1. Go to airdrop. This is a Telegram bot.

2. Follow instructions by joining Telegram channel

3. Submit your email and ETH address

4. You will receive your referral link and earn 10 TRAKs per friend invited!
9 Days$1 - $5
STOX (STX)1. Sign-up here

2. Get free 5 STX in your wallet (non-withdrawable)

3. Use the 5 STX on the STOX platform to make predictions

4. Win prizes 5 - 1500 STX (1STX is around 0.5$)
19 Days$1 - $5
Bethereum (BTHR)1. Go to airdrop page and sign up by clicking join bounty

2. Verify by email and complete simple social media tasks
7 Days$1 - $10
Nexo - Instant Crypto Overdrafts (NEXO)1.The First Nexo Airdrop will distribute a limited supply of 1 Million NEXO Tokens.
2.Double Your Tokens: Be one of the first 10,000 Nexo supporters to join the Airdrop and you will receive 20 additional Free NEXO Tokens!
28 Days
Invacio1. Go to airdrop page and sign up

2. Join Telegram
6 Days$5
Gladius1. Go to airdrop page

2. Follow instructions and submit your details
7 Days$41 - $10
Tiqpit (PIT)1. Go to airdrop form

2. Follow instructions and submit your info. If you can not unlock registration, just click on sign up and the form will open in a new window.
7 Days$20
Exenium (XNT)1. Go to airdrop page. This is a Telegram bot

2. Select your language

3. Click on "Exenium ICO" button and you will see your balance of free XNT & XNTB
6 Days$1 - $3
Sofin (SOFIN) 1. Go to airdrop page and register on site: click on sign up

2. Go to airdrop in sidebar and submit your details. Join Telegram.
7 Days$1 - $10
Genesis (GES)1. Go to airdrop form

2. Join Twitter, Facebook and Telegram

3. Post a proof on Bitcointalk. An example is shown in the thread.
2 Days$1 - $2
Xirkle (XIR)1. Go to airdrop page

2. Complete some social media tasks and submit your details in airdrop form. Do NOT post ETH address, this airdrop is on STELLAR platform.
2 Days$8 - $10
MoxyOne (SPEND)1. Go to airdrop page

2. Join Telegram and submit your details. You also have to vote for a coin that you most likely are going to use.

3. Earn more by referring friends
2 Days$1 - $10
Zerostate (ZSC)1. Go to airdrop form

2. Join Twitter Facebook and Telegram and submit your details.

3. Post a proof on Bitcointalk. An example is shown in the thread.
2 Days$
MDL (MDL)1. Go to airdrop form

2. Join Twitter, Facebook and Telegram and submit your details.

3. Post a proof on Bitcointalk. An example is shown in the thread
2 Days$1
BZL Coin (BZL) 1. Go to airdrop form. English = blue text.

2. Complete as many social media tasks as you want (there are about 10 tasks). You do not have to complete them all.

3. At the bottom of the form submit your email - your social media account link and BZL wallet address.
2 Days$1 - $5
A2B Taxi (TAXI)1. Go to airdrop page

2. Join Telegram and submit your details including ETH address to airdrop form
2 Days$5
Fresco (FRES)1. Go to airdrop page

2. Join Telegram, Twitter and retweet on of the tweets on Twitter. Submit airdrop form with your details.
3 Days$1 - $5
BoutsPro (BOUTS) 1. Go to airdrop page

2. Join Telegram and Twitter (you need a minimum of 100 Twitter followers)
3 Days$40 - $50
Darenta (PROD)1. Go to airdrop page. This is a google form.

2. Join Telegram, share the link of the google form on a social platform and put the link in airdrop form. Submit your ETH address.
3 Days$3
Marcelo1. Go to airdrop form

2. Join Telegram and submit your details. All links to social media on sidebar!
5 Days$1 - $5
Monanex (MNX) 1. Go to airdrop page and click on: sign up

2. Register and verify your mail. Go to your dashboard and you will see already 50 MNX tokens. Follow instructions to earn more.
6 Days$1 - $10
Wordopoly (WPT)1. Go to airdrop form

2. Complete social media tasks and submit your info
6 Days$1
SpeedCash (SCS)1. Go to Bitcointalk to read the airdrop rules and see if you are eligible for airdrop. After that fill in airdrop form

2. Post a welcome post on Bitcointalk thread. There is an example of how you should post.
6 Days$5 - $6
Iryo (IRYO)1. Go to airdrop page. This is a Telegram bot

2. Join their Official Telegram @IRYOnetwork and @iryo_alerts

3. Put your ETH Address (should have a minimum 0.1 ETH or 1 EOS on the 1st of March)
6 Days$1 - $5
Yee (YEE) 1. Go to airdrop announcement and read the airdrop rules

2. Fill in airdrop form with your details
7 Days$1 - $5
OneRoot (RNT) 1. Go to airdrop
2. Enter your ETH address. You will receive a code. Copy that code in Telegram group. Thats it!
7 Days$1 - $10
REPU (REPU)1. Go to airdrop announcement and read the airdrop rules

2. Fill in airdrop form with your details.
7 Days$1 - $10
Galaxy (GALA) 1. Go to airdrop blog to read the airdrop rules7 Days$1 - $10
VuzzBee (VBEE)1. Go to airdrop page and register.

2. Verify your mail and go to your dashboard. You will see 50 tokens in your balance!
13 Days$1 - $3
Obirum (OBR)1. Go to airdrop page and click on Register

2. Follow instructions from here
16 Days$1 - $5
PlentixIf you are new to Altcoins Talks forum, register for this and future airdrops. Also join Alts Token airdrop.18 Days$1 - $3
RewardMob (RMOBAirdrop 1: Invite friends to Telegram and earn 25 RMOB.

Airdrop 2: Sign up on site with referral code: Y2N0SX0G to get 10 tokens.

Airdrop 3: Get 100 RMOB Tokens by posting your WAVES wallet address in Telegram The bot will pick it up and add you to the airdrop list,
19 Days$1 - $10
Yoo-Mi (UME)1. Register with ETH on airdrop page
2. Complete social media tasks!
3. Wait for your tokens!
21 Days$1 - $5
CrowdCoinage (CCOS)Altcoins Talks forum is hosting CrowdCoinage airdrop! CrowdCoinage is a decentralized crowdfunding platform for ICO Campaigns powered by e-Residency.25 Days
BitcoinToken (BTK)Altcoins Talks forum is hosting another airdrop! BitcoinToken is an Open-Source & De-centralized digital currency. It uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority or banks: managing transactions are carried out collectively by the network.31 Days$1 - $5
Savedroid (SVD)Register to site and receive 100 SVD tokens when you verify by mail and log in!43 DaysEuro 1 - 5
Aelf (ELF) 45 Days$10 - $15
Suchapp (SPS)Suchapp wants to promote their ICO (Januari 2018) and is airdropping up to 50 Million tokens in their bounty program. You can earn stakes by joining social media, starting from 25 stakes!83 Days$1 - $10
ALTS Token (ALTS)Altcoins talk is a forum with a community token. Join the forum first here and fill in the google form to get the tokens for free! More information about the airdrop, go to website 95 Days$1 - $5
BitcoinFree Bitcoins every hour. The amount of free bitcoin cryptocurrency that you get will depend on the number that you roll and paid out according to the payout table below.140 Days$1 - $5
CLAMS If you held a balance on May 12th 2014 in a Bitcoin, Litecoin, or DOGE address then you most likely already have CLAMcoin waiting to be dug up.

You can trade Clams on:

1396 Days

To participate in these Airdrops you must have coins from the significant blockchain that is stored in your wallet. Here you can view some of the examples of this format of Airdrops namely Byteball, Stellar Lumens and OmiseGo. Similarly, some other crypto airdrops require either social media posts or you must contact the Bitcointalk forum team member. During the time of pre-announcement time, the project behind this event will take a snapshot of the blockchain and those who were holding Ether or Bitcoin during that time will receive a certain number of free tokens which is called Airdrops.

Another interesting way to earn free crypto coin is just joining with the faucet. For example, you can drop Bitcoin, NEO, Dash coin, Litecoin in a wallet. You can start with the free coins itself. Everyday whenever you signup for the first time they will credit your wallet with some free crypto coins. You need to check your wallets regularly for surprise Airdrops. For example, platforms like KOMODO or Waves have done this earlier. They just dropped some free crypto coins for Komodo or Waves holders without any announcement.

So once you received free crypto coins you can check out for the proper exchanges to sell your crypto airdrops. You can also hold your airdrops for some time.